Rabid Bear Attack in Virginia

IceDragonSniper/Creative Commons

This attack is interesting because rabies is rare among bears. Being mostly loners, they are at less risk than a social animal like a bat or a dog is. 

Not your average bear: The rabid, harrowing attack on Afton Mountain | The Hook - Charlottesville's weekly newspaper, news magazine

""The bear starts chasing us around the Gator," recounts Bryant. "I had the gun, and I wasn't able to get a shot off. Patrick jumps on the roof. I tossed it to him, going, 'Shoot him.' The bear was right behind me trying to eat me."

A single shot rang out.

"The bear was killed on the back of the Gator," says Bryant. "It happened so fast. It was so unreal."

"Patrick pushed me out of the way with his left arm," says Bryant. "He fired with one arm like a pistol. It hurt his arm.""


  1. Rabid bears... this is what nightmares are made of.
    Poor critter, tho...

  2. Wow, Charlottesville is not too far from where my Mother lives. And there have been bears roaming around on her farm for the last couple of years....guess I ought to call her and give her a heads up. All the construction down in Gatlinsburg and Pigeon Forge have caused them to wander to her area. Rabies has been reported here several times in skunks and raccoons. I suspect it is going to be a rough year for it. Wonder if the mild winter has anything to do with the increase? (Dee)

  3. Mild winters are indeed supposed to increase the incidence of rabies come spring.


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