New Zealand: Elephant Kills Zoo Owner

The elephant and her victim a few hours before the attack
In New Zealand, an elephant has killed the zoo owner who had been nursing her for two years. Various reports imply that the elephant, now named Mila, had been abused in the circus where she performed for decades. Abused elephants can exhibit symptoms like those of post-traumatic stress in humans. Helen Schofield was working to train Mila so she could someday join a herd of elephants.

Newspaper accounts have also mentioned that blasting had been going on in the area as part of construction. Some scientists have speculated that this sort of noise can cause elephants to attack. They hear in ranges more profound than our own and depend on the vibration of the ground for information we probably can't imagine.  

'Panic-attack' elephant crushes zoo owner to death in trunk: "A zoo owner was crushed to death in an elephant’s trunk after the animal she had spent two years nursing back to health picked her up and lifted her into the air, New Zealand animal welfare authorities say."



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