Mule Deer Executed as Repeat Offender

In Idaho, a wildlife officer killed a mule deer that was harassing marmot-hunters, possibly the same buck that attacked a woman last September. The wildlife people suspect the deer had been reared by humans, which would explain its atrocious manners. But see my skeptical comments about that theory, which I posted after the earlier attack. 

Fish and Game Kills Aggressive Deer - Local News Story - KIFI Idaho Falls:

"Priestley said he walked ahead of the boys a short distance when a mule deer buck jumped up about 30 yards away and started to run toward him.

The deer circled to the man’s right, but still kept running toward him.

Priestley threw a rock at the deer when it got within 10 yards, hitting it on the side. The deer hopped about 15 yards away, where it stopped to rake its head on some sagebrush.

Then the buck turned back toward Priestley, getting within 6 to 8 feet before it stopped. The buck stomped once, and then began raking its head in the brush again."



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