More Lions, More Leopards, Fewer Humans

In the Gir Forrest, home to Asia's only remaining population of lions, rising numbers of both big cats may be pushing leopards into conflict with humans:

Growing population: Leopards struggle in lions’ den, prowl outside Gir - Indian Express:

"“All the children who have fallen prey (to leopards) in the last couple of days are of labourers working in agricultural fields or mines,” said Principal Conservator of Forest K Gohel. Forest teams led by Gohel asked labourers to take precautions like avoiding sleeping in the open. They were specifically asked not to eat and throw non-vegetarian cooked food in the open.

The incidents have led to changes in the lifestyle in the coastal belts of Veraval, from where all the recent incidents were reported. Labourers no longer work after sunset and prefer to work only in groups during the day. “Parents now accompany their children on their way to school and also while returning home. Children are no longer allowed to play in the fields,” said Umeshsing, a labourer."

Meanwhile, the Indian government has released last year's stats on animal attacks in the Gir:

Gir wild cats mauled 10 to death in a year - Times Of India

"Lions and leopards killed at least 10 persons in Junagadh district in the past one year. The state government has revealed that 1,966 attacks on cattle and 60 attacks on humans have been reported in the same period.

In a written reply to a question by MLA Dhirsinh Barad, the government said that in the 60 attacks, 10 people died and 52 were injured in the year ending January 31."



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