Great White Shark Misses Seal

Perched on the jaws of death: Moment a seal dodges great white shark... | Mail Online

"The shark slightly misjudged its attack which resulted in the poor seal being finely balanced on the nose of the predator.

The amazing scene was captured by South African wildlife photographer Chris Fallows near Seal Island, which is home to an estimated 64,000 seals and a group of great white sharks which hunt them."

Thanks to Croconut for the tip. 


  1. I am surprised you didn't mention the deadly attack at Sea World in Orlando when Tillikum killed Dawn Blanchard - you could have had a field day with that one!

  2. Greg, Tilikum's attacks on humans (including two that happened before the Brancheau incident) figure prominently in a my upcoming, so far untitled book set to appear in 2017.

  3. OMG That sounds & looks horrifying for the adorable looking Fur Seal; to be balanced on your worst nightmare's nose-a Great White Shark in this case-would cause a Human a GREAT GREAT deal of anxiety, despair, sadness, frightened and the rest; so we should assume that any animal; whether it be on land or in deep water, also have feelings which would make them fear thing's just like us Human's. Did the seal get eaten anyway or am I stupid for even asking??!!

    1. No one knows whether it escaped, as both animals went underwater. Seals maneuver more quickly than big sharks, so there's a good chance it escaped once the it was aware of the threat.


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