Crocodile Bites Woman

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In South Africa, a woman has been killed in an attack by a Nile crocodile:

Fatal croc attack ‘an isolated incident’ - The Mercury | "Madela had been trying to retrieve her fish when a crocodile grabbed her arm and dragged her into the water in full view of her son Sphelele, 12, and grandson Ayanda, 11.

The children used a fishing rod to try and fend off the crocodile, but it vanished under the water with Madela.

Thembinkosi Mdladla, 28, who had been nearby, held children back as they tried to jump in the water when the crocodile emerged with Madela’s body in its jaws."

In Australia, another woman had better luck:

Crocodile attacks woman in waist-deep water:

"A crocodile has bitten a woman on the leg while she was swimming at a remote bay in Western Australia's Kimberley region.

Tara Hawkes, 23, was swimming in a freshwater pool near the tourist vessel True North in Dugong Bay north of Derby on Sunday afternoon when a two-metre crocodile bit her upper leg as she left the water.

Ms Hawkes, who was a crew member on the boat, was flown by helicopter to Derby Hospital where she was in a stable condition on Monday night being treated for lacerations and puncture wounds."

The Australian article mentions the possibility that the attacker was a freshwater crocodile. That would be an extremely rare occurrence. Freshies, with their slender snouts, are adapted for hunting fish; and while they can certainly bite people with effect when irritated, they don't prey on us. It's far more likely to have been a young saltwater crocodile (both species can live in fresh water; the saltie just has options). The photo above shows a young freshie in a zoo.  



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