Yellowstone: Report on Man Eaten by Grizzlies

Site of last year's fatal attack

Michigan Man Fatally Mauled By Grizzly In Yellowstone National Park Tried To Defend Himself | National Parks Traveler:

"A father and daughter out hiking the trail the following day found his body, which had been cached under duff and debris, a common practice of bears intent on returning to a kill.

"I was hiking a little in front of my dad," the young woman wrote in a statement she provided rangers. "The trail started to go into some timber and there were five or six birds circling above the area. I climbed over a log that was across the trail and that is when I saw a plastic clear drink container with some pink liquid in it and what I thought was a backpack.

"As I got closer I realized there were boots sticking out, legs, and the upper part of the body was covered with dirt," the unidentified woman continued."

Thanks to Croconut for the news tip. 



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