Florida: Three Shark Attacks

It must be spring; I'm beginning to see reports of shark attacks in the US. The first two are minor bites, possibly  delivered by the blacktip sharks:

Shark Attacks, Florida: Two Teenagers Attacked At New Smyrna Beach | World News | Sky News:

"New Smyrna Beach, which is on the central east coast of Florida, has previously been voted the state's best beach but it has a long history of shark attacks.

It is now known as the shark bite capital of the world after frequent attacks each year and is said to have more reports of attacks per square mile than any other beach on Earth.
Part of the same stretch of sand had to be closed in 2001 after 10 shark attacks in just 10 days.

They usually involve black tip sharks, which inflict lesser injuries. A beach patrol official has previously described them as "like a vicious dog bite"."
Blacktips are generally under six feet long (though nine-footers have been recorded). They don't prey on people; attacks usually seem to happen in murky water, where a human foot might look like a fish. In hot pursuit of fish, blacktips will leap out of the water. They don't exactly check carefully before they bite. Attack records mention a lot of lacerated feet and legs, with the occasional bitten hand, buttock, or even groin. 

A third shark attack occurred the next day at Florida's Canaveral National Seashore (the scene of another attack recounted in my upcoming eBook short, Shark Attacks). This time the attacker was a bull shark, a far more formidable species that occasionally kills people. In this case, though, the victim escaped with injuries to his arm. 



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