Emu Bite

Readers of The Book of Deadly Animals will recall my own adventures down on the emu farm. Nobody hurt here, but a nifty photo.

Photographer attacked by angry emu as it lunges at him | Mail Online:

"'Then it started to get closer, so I started to get closer, the next thing I knew its beak was practically on the end of my lens.'"

Thanks to Hodari Nundu for the news tip.


  1. When I was living in Hutchinson, KS, I was about 4 or 5. My parents took me to Carry Park which has a small zoo, of sorts. In one of the enclosures was a small flock of Emus. I was right up on the fence looking at these giant birds, when one decided I was too close, and charged me! My mother said that I teleported behind her, I had moved so fast. *L*

  2. Scary situation for a kid--or for an adult. Emus are big enough to hurt a human rather badly!


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