Chinese Animal Attacks: Wolf or Feral Dog?

Wolf or Husky?

Wolves or feral dogs have apparently attacked at least seven people in China's Shandong Province. Two people are dead. Wolves are common in the province, though attacks on humans aren't. Police killed one wolf, but no one seems to believe it was responsible for any of the attacks. Another animal, pictured above, has been captured; police believe it is a wolf, but a man has come forward to claim it's his pet husky. Experts will test it to be sure. While all this has gone on, however, people continue to suffer attacks. 

Shandong sees another wild animal attack - "Of the seven attacks in Zaozhuang city, 2 people have died with another 5 injured. In nearby Linyi City, a one-year old boy was hospitalized after being bitten by an animal that has been described as wolf-like."

A five-year-old victim of the mystery animal


  1. It's a werewolf! :D

    I remember reading many stories about them when I was a kid; some said that a werewolf could be identified because its eyes remained human-like despite the rest of its body being wolf-like. Maybe they should start looking around for someone with blue eyes...

    No, seriously- only baby wolves have blue eyes. That animal in the photo is either a dog or a wolfdog.

  2. From what I'm reading, wolf-dog hybrid breeding operations are common in Shandong, much as they are in parts of the US. That may be a good possibility.

  3. I keep meaning to put together a book of werewolf stories, by the way. I've been gathering up good ones for years now, and my stack is tall.

  4. That's awesome :D I've always been into shapeshifter stories (plenty of those were I'm from. Stories, not necessarily actual shapeshifters XD)

  5. Looks like it may be a mix. Isn't there a test they can do? I know my kids had a husky once and his were nearly white they were so light blue. The first time I saw a real wolf, I was surprised how big it was - much bigger than I expected.

  6. Yes, they plan to do the DNA test. So far, they have looked at the morphology (for example, a straight rather than upswept tail) and found it typical of a wolf.

  7. Croco--You mean folklore, or written ones? I don't know that I've seen any from Mexico--that might be a cool addition.

  8. Folklore, and written folklore... I'll be happy to share the ones I know :>


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