Black Rat Snake

Another sign of spring: first rat snake sighting. 

Photography by Dee Puett.


  1. Phew, it got to the other side...

    I always get tense when I see a snake, turtle or frog trying to cross a road... yet around here it is more common to see skunks and opossums as roadkill than reptiles, for some reason.

  2. Would you believe that we nearly got hit by another car waiting for this one to cross? I have stopped to move turtles off the road too.
    Croconut, do you know why the chicken crossed the road? So they can prove to the possums it CAN be done. ;)

  3. Lol, Dee.

    Here in Wisconsin, I see lots of deer and raccoons dead on the road; few reptiles. I have seen some snapping turtles killed, though, including some huge ones. In my Oklahoma days, rattlesnakes and bull snakes were frequent road kills.


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