Assam, India: Leopards Wound Eight People

Rute Martins/Leoa's Photography/Creative Commons

Eight persons critically injured in leopard attack:

"The leopards were spotted in the field of one Bhagaban Deka this morning and as he raised a hue and cry, one of the animal injured him at Madhukuchi village in Rangiya subdivision.

The villagers rushed out with sticks and sharp weapons to attack the leopards who in turn attacked them and injured seven others.

While the villagers captured one of the leopards and killed it, the other escaped."


  1. Funny how the relationship between people in India and leopards is basically the same as in leopards and baboons, except that the humans carry sticks and blades instead of sharp fangs...

  2. We may think we're very different from baboons, but it doesn't seem as if leopards feel that way.


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