Polar Bear Breaks into Houses

Grice's Cougars on The Book Depository

More Hand-Wringing from Florida: Gambian Pouched Rats

Black Rat Snake

Chinese Animal Attacks: Wolf or Feral Dog?

Yellowstone: Report on Man Eaten by Grizzlies

Dog Injures Five Police Officers

Surfer Attacks Shark, Sort Of

Black Widow in the House

Florida: Three Shark Attacks

Emu Bite

Crocodiles vs. Fishermen in Kenya

Crocodiles Bite Hardest

Florida: Black Bear Bites Woman in Backside

Brown Recluse Spiders in the News

Grice Speaks at the University of St. Thomas

Mantis vs. Mouse

Coming Soon to the UK

Wildlife Classics: American Buffalo

New Discovery: Bears Use Tools

Hawk in a Bird Bath

Animal Attack Movies: Tarzan and His Mate

Cockroach Defends Somebody Else's Kids

Ant on Flower

Ants Inside a Morning Glory

What Eats People, Part 16: Ants

Warring Ants Know Their Enemies

Malaysia: Wild Boar Injures Two Women

Animal Attack Movies: The Lost World

Assam, India: Leopards Wound Eight People


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