Piranhas Attack Bathers

Piranhas attack bathers in Brazil: report | World | DAWN.COM: "BRASILIA:Carnivorous fish attacked bathers in a river in southern Brazil, leaving about 20 of them with bite wounds on their hands and feet, a news website said Monday, citing lifeguards."

As mentioned in The Book of Deadly Animals, piranhas don't deserve their reputation as unstoppable eating machines. But they do sometimes take a nip, and this time a lot of them did. 


  1. Have you seen Jeremy Wade's River Monsters show? He actually interviewed people in Brazil who had lost children to piranha attacks...

    I agree that they aren´t the monsters of fiction, but I personally believe more the accounts of people who live their entire lives along with them than those of "experts" who have only seen them in tanks... I mean, it took a long time for scientists to discover seal-eating rogue walruses, or wild cats that hunt by mimicking their prey's distress calls... yet inuit and South American indians had known this for ages.

  2. I haven't seen that one. Will take a look. Thanks.

  3. I found most of the episode on Youtube, but not the part you mentioned. I've ordered disks of the series, though, so I should be able to watch it soon.

  4. Cool :> The part I mention is near the end of the piranha episode. I think its the first episode actually, but the whole series is very interesting.


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