Grice and His Deer on Gizmodo

Photo by Dee Puett

I've been meaning to link this for a while. It's a free sample of The Book of Deadly Animals that ran on Gizmodo. The subject is deer:

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"When it walked, the muscles rolled beneath its hide. Its antlers had eight points – nine, if I counted one broken short, its splintered end showed like the tip of a whittled stick. The darker fur on its neck looked like five o'clock shadow. Its eyes focused on two-year-old"


On a related note, here's an interesting article about a field study of animal personality, with elk as the focus:

The elk shrink: With parks under siege, one researcher tries to unravel ungulate personalities:

"In the past 30 years, more than 600 people have reported being attacked or chased by ornery elk in those mountain parks. Thirty-six of them had to be treated for serious injuries.

Elk also attract wolves and cougars, which can be a problem when such prey species spend a good part of their time in schoolyards, parks and green spaces along the perimeters of town."



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