Exotic Animal Documentaries

A while back I mentioned a couple of recent films about exotic animals in the US. I've now had a chance to see  them. Both are very impressive. 

The Elephant in the Living Room follows an officer whose job is to cope with escaped exotics. He tells about a colleague who died from the bite of his own venomous snake. The movie mentions many species, but its focus, despite the title, is mainly on a man who keeps lions. What impressed me most about the film is the compassion it shows for both main characters. It's clearly on the side of the officer, but the lion owner is treated with respect. 

The Tiger Next Door is surprisingly similar. It, too, takes a largely sympathetic view of an exotic animal owner, even though the filmmakers clearly disagree with him. He raises tigers, and his story gives us the chance to hear several viewpoints about the responsibilities of humans to wild animals. 

Trailers for both movies are in this earlier post.


  1. There's a guy selling a friggin crocodile as a "pet" in my town right now. I wish I had $5.000 to just buy it and drive all the way to the coast and set it free. With the temperatures we're having right now, it won´t be long till it freezes to death. :S

  2. I wonder if he'll get any takers at that price?

  3. I hope not... that way he won´t think of getting another one. :/


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