Doe Attacked by Golden Eagle

This is a domesticated eagle, which probably means this shouldn't be taken as its usual behavior. The deer escaped by running under a fence. 

Doe attacked by golden eagle - Telegraph:
"The eagle amazed watchers by dive-bombing the deer and trying to fly off with it."


  1. Well...there do exist accounts of wild eagles--several kinds--dive-bombing deer, ibex, chamois, etc., and causing them to jump and fall to their deaths. Goldens, Verreaux's, an unspecified sea eagle (judging by the location, either white-tailed or Steller's could be intended) have all been reported to do this. Goldens, white-tails and balds are known to kill snowbound deer. Such attacks are "ecologically irrelevant" in science-speak, because eagles don't routinely hunt deer, but an eagle need not be a conditioned falconry bird to attack deer.

    On a smaller scale: my naturalist friend recounts this anecdote. A neighbor asked him why a crow would have been determinedly attacking a woodchuck; although crows harrass other animals for sport sometimes, this one really seemed to be pressing home its attacks and visibly upsetting the 'chuck. Dean considered the possibilities--unlikely to be over food; a woodchuck poses no credible threat to crows; the crow seemed to be making an effort to really frighten the woodchuck (and succeeding.) Upon further questioning, he discovered this had happened next to the road. After examining the possibilities, Dean concluded, odd as it might sound, that the crow was deliberately trying to drive the woodchuck into the road. Upon reflection, there is no reason a crow could not be this intelligent: I am sure that after observing enough animals dart into the road and be smashed by cars, and perhaps precipitating such an event by accident once or was the logical conclusion.

  2. That's fascinating. The crow would essentially be using the road as a tool. Somewhat similar to the way eagles sometimes drop turtles on roads to break their shells.


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