Big Crocodile of Zimbabwe

Jessica pointed me to this impressive photo, which has apparently been circulating on the web for more than a year. At a glance, this Nile crocodile seems shockingly large. To get an idea of its true size, look just at the front row of people. That trick reveals that it's not really as long as dozens of people standing side by side. To my eye, it looks about fifteen people long. An article reprinted on mentions estimates of fifteen or sixteen feet, which is well within the normal range for a Nile croc. Some sources claim they can reach twenty feet. 

The article also mentions that this animal was shot because it was killing cattle. 


  1. Just recently the fossils of a Cretaceous crocodilian measuring between 49 and 72 feet were found. I can´t help but to imagine how THAT would look in a photo like this...

  2. I hope someday you will write and illustrate a book about the coolest prehistoric predators. There are so many most people have never heard of.

  3. I will for sure :> I basically have it already actually- just need a publisher.


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