Animal Attack Movies: King Kong

Illustration by Beckett Griice

King Kong (the original). 1933. 

Plot: Filmmakers sail to uncharted island, meet incredibly racist stereotypes. Said stereotypes try to sacrifice the ingenue to a giant gorilla, which is pretty much how I react when people invade my home. Gorilla gets in fights with prehistoric animals of various sorts. Eventually he goes to New York and gets in fights with modern gadgets like trains and aeroplanes. 

Attack Quotient: Among the highest of all movies. Whereas most films waste time with tedious set-ups between attacks, this rolls irresistibly from one antagonist to the next, and the giant gorilla is as likely to get attacked as the humans. 

Cheese Factor: Massive. The premise is obviously pure fantasy, but also, the acting is stagy and the dialog melodramatic. 

By all accounts, the most horrific scene in the film was the one where men are knocked into a crevasse, only to be devoured by giant spiders and other such pesky fellows. Audiences reacted so strongly that the filmmakers cut the scene. It was subsequently lost. 


  1. I didn`t like the last King Kong's lack of respect for dinosaurs... they were portrayed as the incarnation of dumb. :S

  2. I just saw that one the other day. I would have enjoyed it more without the excruciating last hour. I think the Naomi Watts character was the true incarnation of dumb, though. Give it up, Naomi; he's not your species.

  3. (I did like a lot of the animal sequences, though. A pretty cool spider pit sequence, including the only giant weta attack I ever recall seeing.)

  4. I would've liked to see Gaw, the dinosaur god worshipped by the natives before the rise of Kong : >

  5. How do we know about this Gaw? Is he in the novel or something?

  6. He (or she, I think) is in one of the novels, but I don´t remember which one... long time ago XD

    But I think it made a great nemesis for Kong.

  7. I didn't even know there were several novels. Interesting.


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