Tigress Kills Farmer

In rural India, officials are tracking a tiger that killed a farmer. 

Killer tigress still at large in Patan Bori - Times Of India:

""The tigress continues to kill our animals, but the forest officials have not been able to track and capture her," said a villagers who lost his cow a few days ago.

When contacted, Chief Conservator of Forest Devendra Kumar confirmed the reports about tigress' attacks. "The tigress is attacking animals to teach hunting to her cubs," he said."


  1. Beautiful painting

  2. That's by an artist with the improbable name of Cuthbert Edmund Swan.

  3. I checked his work out- some paintings are definitely better than others. I think this one is my favorite right now. There's a kind of prehistoric feel to the colors and the stripes in the tiger...

  4. I've seen several paintings of big cats by him. Maybe I'll post a few more of them.

  5. Found a few. I'll post them in a few days.


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