Lion and Leopard Attacks in India

Rupal Vaidya/Creative Commons

From India, a report of an attack by an lion. As is usually the case when these rare Asiatic lions hurt people, the boy was trying to protect livestock. The article also mentions several recent leopard attacks. The one a few days ago in the Guwahati made headlines because it came with dramatic photos, but leopard attacks in rural areas of India are not unusual. 

Lion attacks youth near Khambha - The Times of India

"At least three persons have been attacked by leopards in close vicinity of Khambha.

'Wild animals are a common sight around Khambha as it is located close to the Gir forest. Presence of wild animals in the human habitat is also one of the reasons why the incidents of animal-human conflicts are on rise. However, incidences of lion attacks on human are rare compared to leopards in this year. There must be some conflict and disturbance to the lion behind the attack.'"

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