Leopard Attacks Four, Kills One

Leopard Attacks People In House In India | Pictures, Photos

"A man has had part of his scalp ripped off by a wild leopard, which became panicked and attacked four people when it walked into a bustling residential area in India.

The fully-grown leopard set upon the group when it walked into a house in a busy neighbourhood of Guwahati, a large city in north east India.

Dramatic photos show the leopard lashing out at a man, identified by Indian media as a cook named Hari, whose scalp is severely cut as he tries to fend off the animal."

According to a later report, one victim (not the one pictured here) has died of his injuries. The Indian Forestry Department blames this urban invasion on illegal deforestation, which it believes forced the animal from its jungle habitat. The leopard will be released into a remote jungle are. 


  1. I was sure this would be in Deadly Kingdom today :D

    I'm glad this time the leopard was saved. I hear also that a guy got between the leopard and cops that wanted to shoot it, although he got attacked himself because of this... no boring days in India it seems!

  2. Yes--Conservation is a serious, sometimes life-and-death matter there. In the US, a lot of us talk about co-existing with other species, but I doubt many of us have to face the ramifications of it the way folks in Asia and Africa often do.

  3. If an animal has no place to hunt and eat, it will adapt to its environment. Seems to me that they would let their common sense rule them rather than their wallets. I feel bad for these people, and I understand their economic problems. But there is a limit to how much Mother Nature is willing to be pushed around. (Dee)

  4. Unfortunately, the people doing the logging aren't necessarily the ones who get hurt.

  5. You know, some people have criticized me for my reactions to news like these; I say "thank God the leopard lived", and they are like "oh sure, you worry about the leopard, what about all those poor people!"
    Well, it's not that I don´t care- it is terrible that people gets hurt... but then, there are fewer and fewer leopards each time, and more and more people. I can´t help but to feel sympathy for the cats- one less leopard is one step closer to extinction.

    If that makes me a bad person then let the Devil warm his pitchforks...


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