Killer Leopard Trapped

Killer leopard: Big cat caught while chasing dog – The Express Tribune:

"After it killed two children and cattle worth Rs2 million in the forest area of Baren Gali, wildlife authorities placed traps in the areas where the animal used to hunt frequently, but could not succeed despite several attempts. However on Saturday evening, the leopard appeared from the bushes and was trapped while chasing a dog, officials said. The cat was later sedated and shifted to the divisional wildlife officer’s office, from where it will be sent to a zoo."

Thanks to Hodari Nundu for the news tip. 


  1. You know, I understand the need to deal with this creature aggressively, but I can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for the cat. He was only doing what is in his nature to do in order to survive. I do not envy the guy a life in a cage, no matter how well provisioned that cage may be. (Dee)

  2. Yeah. Stories like this never have happy endings.


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