Hawk Eats Squirrel

Dee photographed this hawk in predatory action in the middle of the city. 

Photography by Dee Puett.


  1. What kind of hawk is it?

    I've recently been reading about how in prehistoric times there was a HUGE squirrel named Paenemarmota, which could grow up to the size of a large beaver. I wonder if there were also giant hawks to match!

  2. It's a red-tailed hawk.

    Doesn't seem too far-fetched to imagine a hawk preying on those squirrels. I seem to remember reading about massive prehistoric eagles suspected of preying on some of the now-extinct ratites. For that matter, some of the modern eagles are big enough to prey on 60-pound antelope, which would put a beaver-sized rodent within their range. Scientists used to underestimate the size of prey a raptor could take because they assumed it would only attack something it could lift. Turns out some raptors dismember their prey on the ground, then fly off with parts.


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