Wild Boar Attacks Woman in Ohio

Wild Pig Attacks Woman in Lawrence County, Ohio: "The complaint, filed by Sgt. Randy Goodall states, "I observed some type of animal jump up and attack (Scott) around the neck and shoulders."

It goes on to state Goodall "fired two shots into the animal from atop the edge of the roadway at a distance of approximately 20 feet. The animal attempted to approach the couple and then turned and tried to run toward me. I fired an additional shot into the animal, killing it as it rolled down the hill."

Scott was bitten several times on her legs and hands.

"I don't care what people say," she says. "They're dangerous.""


  1. And everyone in the comments arguing on whether it was a pig or a wild boar... :D

  2. Newspaper comments show humanity at its dumbest. They makes me grateful for the intelligent comments I get here.

  3. I take that as a compliment:D But I disagree on one thing... humanity at its dumbest is mostly shown in YouTube IMO :D

    Oh, Merry Christmas belated! Didn´t have access to internet these last days :) Hope you had a great time! Happy new year too.

  4. You're right. I'd forgotten how stupid Youtube comments often are. Say something negative about any musician and watch the hate spew.

    I had a great holiday. Hope you did, too.


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