Massive Animals

Ginormous Grizzly

These photos came to me in various email forwards, often with claims about record sizes. I checked out the bear photo and found it's legit (i.e., not Photoshopped), though you could argue the foregrounding of the bear's head relative to the human exaggerates its size.The rest look convincing, but I don't vouch for them.

Immense razorback hog (feral pig)

Monumental rabbit

Excessive cat

Too much fish for just one dish

Giant dog with normal-sized horse and humans


  1. The fish photo is legit. The bear and the pig look much bigger than they are because of the foregrounding. The dog is a proven hoax; the guy in the original photo was seemingly leading a horse too, and someone replaced it with a scaled up dog.
    The cat pic is, amazingly, real, but I have no idea about the rabbit. :>

  2. I'm happy to know that dog's not legit. he was giving me the creeps.

  3. The rabbit is legit. An old German dude has been breeding them up to epic size for decades, hoping they'll catch on as a combination lawnmower and dinner for eight. Seriously. And I believe he is the one in the pic with it. I'm pretty sure if nothing else it's on Snopes, as is the wild pig. The horse & dog photo is not legit--the dog is a Neapolitan Mastiff, but while they had a massive skull they just are NOT that big. The AKC standard says to 31 inches at the shoulder and 150 pounds for males. The horse, on the other hand, is about the right size compared to the people. Oh, and the cat is a Maine Coon.

  4. Good to know! That's an amazing rabbit.


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