Killer Whales vs. Sharks in New Zealand

Interesting orca behavior in the video linked here--and a dog gets involved. 

Orca attacks shark in surf zone as beachgoers watch in awe:

"The video clip shows what appears to be a male orca, or killer whale, fiercely harassing a shark near the small breakers, and a large shark beaching itself, perhaps in an attempt to escape the orca, only to be harassed by a barking dog. "


  1. I have no audio right now... did they say what kind of shark it was? Looked like a sleeper shark or something like that...

  2. You're not missing much. The audio doesn't add anything informative to the text of the article. The sharks are not identified.

  3. By the way, how did your widow project come out?

  4. Well since these days have been crazy- with New Year party, family visiting etc- I haven´t had time to raid the nest. I may do so today or tomorrow, though- I'll keep u informed. :D


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