Video: Spider Monkeys vs. Drunk

Video: Drunk zoo visitor attacked by monkeys - Telegraph:

"Joao Leite Dos Santos, a mechanic from Sao Paulo, decided it would be fun to join a colony of spider monkeys in their enclosure to see if they wanted to play.

After climbing the fence he waded across the dividing pool where a group of the primates gathered on the bank. Thinking that they were inviting him to join them, Mr Dos Santos reached out to touch them. But [one of] the fiercely territorial monkeys bit his wrist, while another bit and clawed his elbow and shoulder."

Dos Santos has admitted to drinking before his adventure.


  1. There was a time here in Mexico when spider monkeys were actually popular pets... when my grandma was young, her brothers kept two of them in the house. She tells me that they were "devils", extremely destructive and scary, and eventually they had to get rid of them.
    My father also, he has kind of a slight phobia of monkeys since he was attacked by one as a small kid. The spider monkey was seemingly used to attract the public to an icecream store, but unfortunately, it had developed the habit of ambushing the customers to steal their icecream for itself!

  2. Nice cooperation on the monkey team!--t

  3. Humanity, proving Darwin right since 1859...(Dee)

  4. I guess we all have a few relatives we'd rather not acknowledge. Apparently the monkeys feel the same way.

    (Thanks to Croconut for sending me this story.)

  5. The master race eh...!? I love the way the Monkey holds onto the one that is defending - great teamwork!


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