"Python" swallows "Hippo"

I've been seeing this spectacular video around the web for a couple of years now, usually labeled as a python vomiting up a hippopotamus.

But, as a close look at the feet of the prey makes clear, that's no hippo. It appears that this is actually an anaconda vomiting a capybara. The capybara is an immense rodent, the largest kind in the world, but, at a top weight of around 140 pounds, it's smaller than all but the youngest infant hippos. Big constricting snakes typically regurgitate large meals when they are harrassed, since it's hard for them to flee when laden.

Here's a different video of an anaconda preying on a capybara:


  1. Not only is that video often labelled as python vs hippo, but even worst, as anaconda vs hippo! Because we all know hippos and anacondas face off all the time...

  2. Yes, when they meet in the Nilazon River. :)


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