Metamorphosis of a Monarch

We caught a couple of monarch butterfly caterpillars and put them in a cage.

After a few days, they hung themselves by the tails and curled up.

At first the chrysalises they spun were green with gold trim.

Soon, we could see the butterflies' colors showing through.

Each chrysalis grew dark.

It became easy to see the precise pattern of the butterflies' wings.

They emerged with crumpled wings.
. . . but the wings soon straightened.

When we released them, this one crawled onto my hand, looking for a higher spot to fly from.

It landed in a pine tree before flying away for good. 

Photography by Parker Grice


  1. Amazing :D I love monarchs. Seen the adults millions of times but never the caterpillars...

    What kind of camera did Parker use? Mine can only zoom so much XD

  2. What a wonderful photo set! I never fail to be amazed at that transformation. :) (Dee)

  3. Dee, your complement meant a lot, because Parker is a big fan of your work!

    Croconut, he uses a Cannon Powershot A3000 (I hope I remembered that right.)

  4. Oh I see :D Thanks! Of course a good camera means nothing without a good photographer :) Kudos to him for capturing these moments!


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