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Starved Dogs Devour Owner

Interesting news report from Indonesia:

A neighborhood guard was curious when he saw luggage lined up at the front of Andre Lumboga's house, days after the 50-year old arrived back home. He approached the house, smelled something foul and called the police, according to a report.

"His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in the front of his house," Eriyana, a local police chief in Batam, an island off Sumatra, told VIVAnews website.

Thanks to Faye for the news tip.  


  1. I find it amusing that the photo caption says "seven dogs suspected of eating their owner". As if the guy's skull and body weren´t enough evidence :D

  2. Ha! Reminds me of "alleged murder victim" and other such locutions I see in news stories. I guess nobody wants to be sued, but I doubt dogs are litigious.

  3. Well, they have PETA... XD


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