Fishing Cat: New Uses for Your Bathtub

Near Lucknow, Uttar Predesh, India in 2009, some sort of feline was responsible for a series of attacks on humans. Some theorized the culprit was a leopard; others blamed a fishing cat. 

The fishing cat, as you'll see in these photos, is a beautifully patterned animal about twice the size of a house cat. My correspondent Croconut tells me there are other reports of fishing cats snatching children in Southeast Asia. Beacham's Guide to International Endangered Species says they are "ferocious and dangerous. Even for Felidae, fishing cats are especially powerful and are known to be able to drive off a pack of dogs; one in captivity broke out of its enclosure into one holding a female leopard and killed the leopard, which was twice its size. They can do significant harm to humans or other large animals they deem threatening."

Croconut also pointed me to these fascinating photos of a fishing cat kept as a pet by a Russian family. The link has more. 

Хуясе КОТИК (PHOTO) - 10 Февраля 2008 - Здесь всё что Вам нужно!:

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  1. Pity the dog who messes with this kitty cat

  2. Wonder if they have it trained for the litter box?

  3. I suposse so... I have read that all cat species can be litter trained (even tigers!) and I would certainly not want a cat this size doing its things all over the place... but considering the fact that these people don´t mind having bloody chicken and catfish remains scattered on their floor...

  4. I'm just trying to picture the scenario when somebody decided to try litter-training a tiger. Somebody much braver than I. . .

  5. Or just crazy. It was a woman who kept over 30 of them in a house- some of them even slept on her bed. She said they were all litter trained. Not sure if she's alive and in one piece nowadays, though.

  6. Amazing. I would think the tigers, territorial as they are, wouldn't do too well in such a setting.

  7. Now that I think about it, she kept the adults in cages- the young ones were the ones who lived in her house. I guess they were not as aggressive towards each others as the adults would be...

    Did I ever tell you that a man my parents knew used to keep to ocelots as pets? It didn´t end well, sadly...

  8. Would love to hear more about the ocelots. Somewhere in my files is a story about zookeeper badly hurt by an ocelot.

  9. I'd like to read that :D

    The guy had two ocelots, a male and a female. They were seemingly very docile but, one time he had to go on a business trip and left a friend in charge of feeding them. Well the friend didn`t feed them properly, and when the guy returned he found that the male ocelot had killed and eaten the female.
    Not an attack on humans but a nasty story nonetheless... and I guess it shows that these are still wild animals...

    I do remember that my grandfather (who was a hunter when he was young) always told the story of how a "tigrillo" (thats what country people here call the ocelot) attacked him and his hunting partner. They weren`t chasing the cat- it just leaped out from the bushes and clawed them both before it dissappeared as quickly as it had appeared.
    At least it wasn`t a cougar or a jag or I would probably not be here typing this! XD

  10. That incident with your grandfather sounds like rabid behavior. I suppose it probably wasn't, though, if neither man got sick.

    I find the zookeeper incident was not as bad as I remembered: "A zoo keeper in Kent, England, suffered a bite on the eyelid while trying to feed one."

  11. You kidding? Anything that involves a pointy thing going into your eye region is nightmare fuel XD

    Yeah I had thought about the ocelot being rabid as well but... it didn´t keep attacking. It just pounced on them once, clawed them for a few moments then dissappeared. Maybe it was just startled or was a female trying to defend her nearby kittens...

  12. Could be. When I was a kid there was a big abandoned tabby in our neighborhood who would behave like a gentleman most of the time, but occasionally he'd go berserk and claw the hell out of somebody for no apparent reason. The next day he'd go up to that same person asking to be petted. Maybe he was just a jerk.


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