Photography by D'Arcy Allison-Teasley


  1. There are tons of crawdads in the creek on my mothers farm, my sister and I used to see who could catch the most without getting pinched. I have never been able to eat one, even though my Grandmother used to tell me that they were tasty. (Dee)

  2. Some crawdad gumbo sounds awfully good about now.

  3. You know, in the city, we call these "cangrejo de río" (river crab), although of course they aren´t found in the city.
    When my family and I moved into a smaller town, however, my cousin, who had lived there all his life, asked me once to draw a "chacal" (jackal) for him. I did, and he was like "what, this is a coyote". I was like, "well jackals and coyotes do look a lot alike". He was very connfused. I later learned that in rural areas, "chacal" was the usual word for crawfish!
    To date, I have no idea why.

  4. In the US, they are usually called "crayfish" in the North, "crawdads" in the South. I've also read about them being called "mud bugs" in Louisiana.

  5. Mud bugs sounds even less appetite-inducing than "jackals" XD


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