Rothschild's Atlas Silkmoth and Luna Moth

The Rothschild's Atlas Silkmoth of Central and South America.

The Luna moth of North America. Dee tells me both of these live a week or less in the adult form. 

Photography by Dee Puett


  1. A very short season in the sun, isn't it? (Dee)

  2. I have seen this moth live and direct! :D They are huge!

    Interesting fact, the Aztec thought that the spirits of the deceased returned as butterflies and moths (or hummingbirds) to visit their living relatives. The Rotschild's Atlas Moth however was special- it was the incarnation of Iztpapalotl, a dark godess who commanded an army of demons. The four triangular "windows" in the moth's wings were said to represent the godess' four sacrificial knives, which she used to pull out the heart of her victims.


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