Piranhas Bite More Than 100 People in One Weekend

Alexdi/Creative Commons

The article below points out the interesting relationship between piranhas and certain other fish--each serving as both predator and prey for the other. Human fingers and toes get involved as well.

Piranhas attack beach in Brazil: 100 swimmers bitten in 1 weekend | Mail Online:

"A lake used by swimmers in Brazil has been attacked by piranhas that have injured more than 100 people.

Visitors to the inland Barragem do Bezerro dam, close to the town of Jose de Freitas in the Piaui province, were left with bitten heels and toes "


  1. After reading accounts by Venezuelan ranchers on what piranhas can do, I think buying the "they really don´t attack humans" thing is a very bad idea. You can never be too careful...

    Diggin the blog's new look btw. And is that a new edition of deadly kingdom, or an entire different book? o-o

  2. Thanks. Still working on some improvements for the blog, but I think it will look more or less like this for a while. . . until I notice something hideously wrong, anyway.

    The Book of Deadly Animals is a new edition of Deadly Kingdom, but with different (and far more disturbing) photos. It goes on sale in the United Kingdom in three weeks. I'll be previewing some of the photos here on the blog shortly.

  3. Damn! I could have waited and buy the new edition XD

    The hyena with the dik dik on its mouth in the original book was quite disturbing, btw. There's just something about the hyena's face...

  4. Wait til you see the cover of the paperback we're doing for the US market--it has a wicked hyena photo.


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