Mule Deer and Red Hartebeest Maulings

A mule deer launched an unprovoked attack on a woman taking a walk in rural Idaho. The article linked below emphasizes the possibility that the deer may have been domesticated, though there seems to be no evidence of that beyond its aggressive behavior. It's more likely the deer was in an aggressive mood because it's time for bucks to duel for mates. (The article mentions two other deer nearby; probably these two were involved in its excitement.) You and I know a human isn't interested in this buck's love life, but deer aren't as sharp as we are. Bending over to pick up a weapon was the last straw: to a deer, that looks like lowering the head for a charge.

Mule deer attacks woman near Preston - Mule deer attacks woman near Preston: Local

"The deer knocked her to the ground. At that point, the buck began raking her body with his antlers, scratching and digging at her legs and back. Panter played dead, hoping that her lack of response would discourage the deer. But as the deer gored her in the legs three times and pummeled her upper body, Panter knew she had to fight back. She grabbed the deer’s antlers and fought to keep the animal’s head away from her face and neck.

"Scott Panter, Sue’s spouse, said that his wife was trying to keep herself in plain sight on the roadway during the struggle. “She felt that if she got pushed off the road and into the cornfield, no one would see her struggling or even know she was there,” "

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Meanwhile, in South Africa, a competitive bicyclist ran afoul of a red hartebeest. Here's the video:



  1. That was crazy!

    That guy should be happy he didn´t collide with a Cape buffalo!

  2. Yeah, he might not have gotten up from that one.

    (Somehow it strikes me as hilarious that the guy behind him says "Holy Cow!")

  3. Me too :D But thank God it wasn´t a cow! Haha


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