Grice in The Times

Wednesday's edition of The Times (London) carried my article on hoofed animals and the people they trample. 


  1. Congrats! :>

    I heard that in the UK, the ones giving trouble are the Chinese water deer ("vampire deer") mauling dogs and all

  2. I hadn't heard about that. Sounds like something for me to look into! The specific incident that prompted the Times to invite me was a vicious cow attack. I ended up talking mostly about the stags in Bushy Park and the red hartebeest incident in South Africa (as seen in the viral video I posted here not long ago).

  3. What was it with that hartebees? Was it simply an accident?

  4. People close to the situation, including the guy that got hit, are calling it a "collision," but it sure looks like an attack to me--or rather, a counterattack. These animals are apparently very territorial. Like many hoofed animals, they may perceive a lowered head as a challenge--as if you're offering to headbutt them. That's more or less the position the guy was in as he rode.

  5. I should remember not to wear a helmet with horns should I ever visit South Africa, then :D
    Interesting, though. Who says one shouldn´t beware vegetarians as well? Even the not-so-scary ones.


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