Dog Bites Off Woman's Face; Leeches Help Reattach It It

Medicinal Leech (Credit: H. Krisp/Creative Commons)

Leeches are frequently used in reattachment operations. Their saliva helps fight clots and infections, as well as restore circulation. 

Swedish surgeons reattach woman's face using 358 leeches after horrific dog attack | Mail Online:

"Swedish surgeons have used hundreds of leeches to help reconstruct a woman’s face that was bitten off during a horrific dog attack.

The woman, from the south of the country, had a huge proportion of her face bitten off in the mauling by her own dog, spanning from her upper lip all the way to her eye.

As she was rushed to hospital last month, her relatives who were with her at the time, managed to recover the loose skin and keep it chilled.
They quickly arrived at Skane University Hospital in Malmo with the flesh, which was able to be re-attached with the help of 358 leeches.
During the procedure, the specialists used the leeches to force blood to flow into the damaged skin.
The leeches helped re-start circulation through their sucking and blood-thinning fluids."


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