Rider Saves Boy from Grizzly

Tremendous story of a wildlife encounter on a trail ride:

Gutsy wrangler, huge horse save boy from charging grizzly - Spokesman.com - Sept. 18, 2011:

"“The last thing he saw over his shoulder as his horse ran away was the grizzly chasing his boy,” Bolster said.

With the bear on Scout’s heels, Tonk’s instinct was to flee with the group of horses. But Tonk responded to Bolster’s heels in his ribs as she spun the big fella around. They wheeled out of a 360 and bolted into the trees to wedge between the predator and the prey."


  1. That's one brave woman... and one brave horse o-o

    Wondering if the deer leader said "quickly guys, let's run towards those humans, maybe the bear will rather eat one of THEM!"


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