Predator Takes Dog

Cougar? Bobcat? The biggest bobcats go about a yard long and 35 pounds and are capable of taking young or injured deer, as well as sheep and pigs.  Cougar are bigger than that. Both have been known to take pets. A bobcat is more likely in this area (Denton, Texas), but the dog owner said it was a big animal.

The article makes an interesting connection between this summer’s heat and drought and changing animal behavior.  That global warming thing so many people have been trying not to believe in has already produced some odd changes in the animal world, including, apparently, population explosions among jellyfish. This year has made the change palpable enough to satisfy any skeptic—I hope. It wil be interesting to see what other changes the new climate brings. 

No relief in sight | Denton Record Chronicle | News for Denton County, Texas | Local News

"Ragsdale heard his dog screech, and looked up to see a big cat moving across a vacant lot.

“In two bounds, he was gone,” Ragsdale said, who then ran back to the house to grab a flashlight and his pistol.

He tried to track the animal through a creek bed until he came upon a pile of bones. He could see the bones from another dog’s foot in the pile and realized his pursuit wasn’t such a good idea. He returned home only with his dog’s collar.

Wildlife experts say either a bobcat or a mountain lion could have easily made off with the dog. Considering this summer’s extraordinary drought, Ragsdale says he’s concerned that the big cat may not have been the former, but the latter."


  1. Yeah, it bugs me how people refuse to believe things like global warming... or evolution XD Even with tons of evidence. I just don´t understand it.

  2. From talking to people about global warming, I think it’s partly a matter of not wanting to accept the implications. We can’t continue to thrive in oil-based economies, and that means our lives and livelihoods have to be rebuilt from the ground up. It’s easier to disbelieve what’s happening, and unfortunately, interested parties have been only too eager to supply conspiracy theories and cast doubt on the research. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of people get confused by the terminology. If it’s “warming,” why does it get blamed for hard winters and intense storms? The connections make perfect sense if you’re given all the facts, but many people only hear about global warming in quick sound bites. Our news outlets generally do a poor job of explaining the big picture.

    The denial of evolution is an even more complicated matter. I’m sure many people deny it because they genuinely believe it conflicts with their religions. One of those people, incidentally, was a high school biology teacher of mine, who frankly admitted he was going to teach “both sides,” even though he didn’t believe in evolution. He then explained evolution in a sarcastic way that implied only a fool could buy it. He distorted the evidence, too, though I imagine that was through incompetence rather than bad intentions. I mention this because I know many other people have encountered the idea of evolution in similar circumstances. If they don’t have a particular interest in biology, as I did, those people might live the rest of their lives never having realized how badly they’d been lied to. It’s not surprising that many of us end up poorly informed. Historically, there has also been a racist element in the denial of evolution; people who wanted to see human races in a hierarchy of value felt threatened by the revelation that all biological categories are fluid. It’s a challenging idea on a lot of levels.

  3. Agreed. Fun thing is that some creationists I know blame racism on evolutionism (they blame everything on evolutionism, really...)

  4. It's true that some racists have used a simplified and perverted version of evolution as an pretext for eugenics, the Nazis being an extreme example. But of course it was only an excuse for what they wanted to believe.

  5. Yeah, that is true, but still racism is much older than evolutionism.


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