Phases of the Moon Correlate with Lion Attacks

Interesting study on Tanzanian lion attacks.

The full moon indicates impending danger from lion attack, a University of Minnesota study shows : UMNews : University of Minnesota:

"A look at attack rates aligned with phases of the moon shows a clear pattern. The rate of human attacks during the first half of the lunar cycle (when there is lots of moonlight on most evenings) is one-third the rate during the second half (when there is little or no moonlight). Lions are hungriest just after the full moon because the abundance of light just before and during the full moon limits their ability to hunt successfully."

Photo by J.A. O'Ruiz Gutierrez


  1. Good thing there aren´t werewolves in Africa... poor people wouldn´t have a moment of relief XD

    Very interesting :> And nice photo haha

  2. I understand they have were-hyenas, however.

  3. They do... they also say that demons ride the back of hyenas, hence the sloping back (because of the weight of the demons...)

    Now that I think about it, werehyenas would probably be even worst than werewolves. Stronger, at least...

  4. I think we have the makings for a Hollywood hit.


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