New Testimony in Fatal Killer Whale Attack

Tilikum, the Orca that has killed 3 people (Credit: Sawblade5/Creative Commons)

OSHA disputes SeaWorld’s findings about Orca attack on trainer -

""From my angle, I saw her left arm go underwater as the whale started descending," Herrera said.

SeaWorld officials have said repeatedly since Brancheau’s death that Tilikum grabbed her after her long ponytail drifted into his open mouth, which suggests the whale was reacting to a novel stimulus when he suddenly submerged with her. But some SeaWorld opponents have accused the marine-park operator of fabricating the theory to make Tilikum’s actions that day appear more benign."

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  1. I'll step ahead and suggest another theory; Tilikum obviously hates humans for keeping him in prison for no reason (as far as he is concerned), and will probably kill again.
    We can´t really blame him. I would probably go murderous too if I was being kept in a cage and forced to do perform for a species I despise.

    We know animals can love. Why is it so difficult to accept that they can hate too? No need for ponytails and "novel stimulus" to trigger an attack.

  2. The "novel stimulus" hypothesis does seem a stretch. And of course it ignores the fact that this whale has killed two other people.

  3. I've added a couple of links above. The second link has several interesting comments that sort of go to Croconut's point.

  4. Thanks for the links! I think I had read about Bimbo before. His story basically proves my point.

  5. Yeah, I think Bimbo (who names these guys?) is actually a clearer example of an animal depressed and angry about captivity. What puzzles me about Tilikum is that he apparently goes years between violent incidents. It may be that he only occasionally gets annoyed enough to swat some flies, so to speak.

  6. Probably... it could also be that he has violent mood swings- or maybe most of the time he does his best to repress his anger seeing as humans feed him after all.

    That of course, assuming Sea World doesn´t keep silent about lesser incidents...

  7. I wonder if any trainers are still willing to get in the pool with him.

  8. Here's a link about how Loro Parque (an amusement and animal park in Tenerife, Spain) hid the truth about the death of a trainer. In reality, the orca bit and crushed the guy to death; the park insisted that it was an "accident" and that there were no marks in the body suggesting that it had been a direct attack...

  9. Some amazing revelations on that link. What stands out for me is this part:

    "Three of the four Orcas on loan to Loro Parque from SeaWorld, LLC are known to be so aggressive and/or violent towards the trainers that no waterwork can be performed with them now. . . .

    On October 6, 2007, a 7-year-old male orca named Tekoa attacked and nearly drowned one of the Loro Parque trainers, Claudia Volhardt. At this time trainers ceased water works with Tekoa. During the Spring of 2009, 5-year-old female orca Skyla was also excluded from waterwork after she pushed trainer Rafa Sanchez around in the pool and up against the walls with her rostrum during a show. Less than a year later, on Christmas Eve of 2009, 29-year old Alexis Martinez was crushed to death in the jaws of Keto."

  10. Worth including in the next Deadly Kingdom edition :>


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