Fly Amanita

They say you can leave pieces of this woodland fungus sopping in milk to kill flies. The flies drink the milk, stagger like Saturday night sailors, and drown.

Photography by D'Arcy Allison-Teasley


  1. Very interesting, and very beautiful fungus :D

  2. Isn't it? D'Arcy has photographed a lot of cool fungi, which I hope to post here in some mythical future time when I've got myself organized.

  3. Awesome :D Hey, maybe I can send you some more photos as well? I want to publish them in my own blog but... havent found the time to actually start one haha XD

  4. I'm definitely open to seeing more photos. By the way, I have your American crocodiles coming up around October 12. I also have plans for the Mexican red-knee you shot, but I haven't sorted that out yet.

  5. Cool :D Can´t wait to read whatever you have to say about them :>


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