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Giant Crocodile caught in Philippines - YouTube:

"A giant saltwater crocodile weighing more than a tonne has been captured in a remote southern Philippine village following a series of attacks on humans and animals, officials said.

Measuring 6.4m (21ft) and weighing 1,075kg (2,370lb), it is the biggest to be caught alive in the Philippines in recent years.

It may also be the biggest specimen ever captured, officials said."

I don't know whether this is legit, but the crocodile seen here is certainly impressive. There seems to be no particular evidence that this one is the man-eater.

Meanwhile, the much smaller American alligator that grievously wounded a 90-year-old Florida woman has been caught. The woman's son had shot it during the attack. It was found alive but "lethargic" on a road, possibly having been struck by a car. Wildlife officials plan to kill it.


  1. This is just not right. Poor animals.

    The one in the video is amazing! Just by looking at the front of the snout compared to the hands of the guys u can tell it's humongous.

  2. Speaking of pointless killing, a 3-foot alligator showed up in the Mississippi River the other day and was shot by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: I'm wondering what kind of a threat this animal posed to anybody. This was near Hastings, Minnesota, which of course is far north of the gator's range.

  3. That reminds me of one time when an American croc showed up in an unexpected place in the city of Tampico, in the eastern coast. There's a lake in the city which is inhabited by American crocs (even Steve Irwin was there once to study them and commented on how docile they were), so one would think people would be used to the animals even though they are kept in the lake area by a fence.
    Well, seems no. The crocodile was small, too small to kill anyone, and yet there was lots of screaming and newspaper headlines talking about a "deadly crocodile", "crocodile menace" and how the heroic firefighters and policemen managed to subdue and kill the monster. It was so ridiculous it wasn´t even funny.

    There have been a few attacks on humans, but like I said, there's a fence keeping people out of their territory. The victims have been drunken and idiot men who climbed up the wall into the lake area. The last thing I heard was that the people were urging the government to cull the crocodiles.

  4. Here's more about the capture of this croc:


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