Black Bear vs. Wisconsin Hunter

A sketchy news item about a defensive bear attack.

Bear attacks hunter in Lincoln County - WSAU News/Talk 550AM 99.9FM:

"Christopher Hoffman was taking part in a bear hunt. He shot the animal that attacked him. The injured bear then attacked Hoffman before running off into the woods. The wounded animal was eventually tracked and killed by another member of the hunting party."


  1. First, there's no such factor like a guaranteed kill when hunting bears. I have seen several bear hunting guides declaring that you will harvest a bear utilizing their services. However, unlike ducks and other kinds of creatures bears are solitary creatures and move about greatly. It isn't an easy task to trace and look for a bear. Also, finding a bear does not mean it will not be considered a sow nursing cubs or perhaps be of weight and size you are searching for. I usually tell predators to become cautious about any 100% guarantee offers if this involves bear hunting.

  2. Whether you go for a black bear hunting for some other animal hunt, the fact is you need the required skills and come out with safety awareness. The black bear hunt is often intense hence; you would also need advanced skills.


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