American Crocodile Turns Up in St. Petersburg

People find the most interesting things in their back yards:

Rare crocodile found by Florida woman -

"Crocodiles — which number about 1,500 in the state — are typically found some 300 miles (500 kilometers) south in the warmer Florida Keys. But the shy and reclusive animals are so rare in places like St. Petersburg that a wildlife official didn't initially believe Shondra Farner when she called to report the crocodile."

I'll have more photos of American crocodiles tomorrow. 


  1. For a moment I thought u meant St. Petersburgh, Russia XD

    By the way, do you know exactly when crocodiles went extinct in Europe?

  2. Croconut, those are your photos I'm advertising for tomorrow.

    I don't know the answer to that question. Might be interesting to look into it. Any particular reason?

  3. Nah, just wondering. Since there were once hippos in England until just before the last ice age, I wondered if there were crocodiles at the time as well...


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