Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman

Alligator attack: Alligator attacks elderly woman walking near canal - South Florida

"Officials say the woman, who lost part of her leg in the attack, was airlifted to a Fort Myers trauma center.

FWC says a trapper was sent to the area to find the alligator. If found, the reptile will be cut open in an attempt to retrieve and reattach the leg."


  1. I pity that poor alligator. When I eat a slice of pizza, I never expect the rest of the pizza to come after me and cut me open to re-attach the slice :S

  2. Later news reports are saying the gator didn't take her leg, but injured it so badly it had to be amputated. Considering how septic a gator's bite is, I doubt re-attachment could have been an option anyway.

  3. Yeah, I thought it was weird too... poor lady. So they didn´t kill the gator?

  4. I haven't seen any reports of the gator getting caught (yet).


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