Fellow Hunter Killed Grizzly Victim, Plus Another Bear Attack

American Crocodile Turns Up in St. Petersburg

Phases of the Moon Correlate with Lion Attacks

Northern Red-Bellied Snake

New Testimony in Fatal Killer Whale Attack

Great White Shark Breaks Surfboard

Tasmanian Devils Catch Cancer

Rider Saves Boy from Grizzly

Grice on Bears

Black Bear vs. Wisconsin Hunter

Tree Frog on Window


Royal Beasts Return to the Tower of London

Cage-Diving with a Great White Shark

Black Bear vs. Cows

Teen Dies in Yard; Home Overrun with Animals

Roseate Spoonbills

Video: Polar Bear Attacks Woman

Bat Attacks Woman

Crocodilian News

Spider vs. Grasshopper

What Eats People, Part 15: Spotted Hyenas


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