What’s so scary about pit bulls?

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Fact checker: What’s so scary about pit bulls? | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com:

Are pit bulls more aggressive than other dog breeds? Here's a fresh take on this long-running controversy.

"You’re more likely to be killed by your own mother than a pit bull."


  1. I had a small dog for eleven years and was bitten plenty of times by it; it had a horrible temper. I don´t think the important part is the dog's breed, but rather its size and power. If my dog had been the size of a rotweiller, or had jaws as mighty as those of a pit bull or a chow chow, my injuries would have been much more serious. I don´t think we can just say, "pit bulls/rotweillers are too aggressive", its not like that- they are not especially aggressive, its just that when they do attack, they have the physical power to cause serious injury, so obviously their attacks are much more serious than those of other dogs. Or that's the way I see it. (Right now I have a pit bull-labrador mix, and he's the friendliest dog you could wish for. He is a little bit aggressive towards other dogs but has never even growled at a human. Oh, and he's scared to death of cats...)


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