Seychelles Shark Kills Honeymoon Tourist

Seychelles Shark Kills Honeymoon Tourist : Discovery News:


  • The shark ripped off the tourist's arm and tore into his leg.
  • The attack occurred in the same spot where a French diver was killed earlier in the month.
  • The Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority issued a swimming ban at the Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette beaches."
No word yet on what species of shark is involved. Thanks to Croconut for the news tip. 


  1. Seems that it was a bull shark.

  2. Check out all the nonsense that followed:

  3. Good lord, what a load of bullshit. The Sun (the UK newspaper linked here, not the excellent US magazine) has always been a rag, but this is amazingly bad. Just for the record, sharks don't develop a taste for human blood. People can avoid getting eaten by sharks by not going in the water. The most telling part is this lovely quote: "This creature has taken two lives and could take many more livelihoods unless it is caught and killed." It's all about the money. Doubtless they'll kill a few sharks and tell the newspapers they caught the right one.

  4. It is these people who should be harpooned. Worst part is, Palau was supossed to be the first sanctuary for sharks, and now its going to become a blood bath.

  5. In the latest report, the bereaved bride seems to be complaining that there are sharks in the ocean:

  6. That reminds me of a time when my family and I were supossed to go on vacation to Cancun (we didn´t at the end) and were going to stay in a hotel just besides a lagoon that is connected to the sea.
    Being a wildlife nut as I am, I called the hotel and asked if there were any crocodiles living in the lagoon. The woman on the phone laughed and said absolutely not.
    Like, three days later or so, I read on the news that a tourist had been attacked by a crocodile in that very same lagoon.

    If you go to the sea you must be aware of at least two things; you are going to get wet and you are going to be vulnerable to creatures that have lived there for millions of years and are more powerful than you are. Want safety? Stick to the pool. The shallow side, preferably.

  7. I should gather up all the "eaten while on honeymoon" stories I come across. There are a ton of them, including a crocodile one if memory serves.

  8. New: The surgeon who was swimming in the same area and worked on the victim was interviewed:
    He said he was told by shark experts from the US that the animal responsible for the attack was almost certainly a great white shark.
    He said: "Immediately the sea was like a lake of blood. The water was red.
    "We will never forget it as long as we live. My family and I were very shocked. And that is saying something for a surgeon."


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